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Trio Pack: Immersion


First, a fresh and aquatic accord from the Fresh Eucalyptus House fragrance. A start of green notes and frosted citrus, an oceanic heart with waves of lavender and eucalyptus, then, finally, a dry amber background, all vegetable, composed of oak moss and cedar.A subtly fruity and light composition with the Lychee Paradise fragrance. It all starts with fresh notes of green apples highlighted by melon and lemon. Then comes its floral and fruity heart where the sweet and watery flavor of the lychee comes to mingle with an elegant bouquet of roses and white flowers. Finally, with a fickle delicacy, a coconut base rounded off with musk is added. A delicate blend with the Pure White Tea House Fragrance. A timeless, poetic and floral envelope that bergamot and blackcurrant discreetly open, giving way to the delicacy of white tea and its evanescent heart before the elegant presence of white musk takes hold

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